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Mission Moment

Our Lenten Journey Toward Hope

Pope Francis has called us to experience Lent as a “journey of conversion” as communities and individuals. Consider using this time with your organization to reflect and prepare for your “new normal” with these suggestions from the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving.


How to Find the Right Funder for Your Program

The process of identifying a funder to support your Catholic program or ministry presents many challenges. The Catholic Funding Guide is a great place to start.


Nearly 500 New Funders Added in January

This month marks another important milestone for the Catholic Funding Guide. More than 500 new funders have been added to the Guide, making the current Guide


Agents of Awakening: A Review of Anti- Human Trafficking Activities at U.S. Catholic Colleges and Universities

Human trafficking – the use of force, fraud, or coercion to exploit human beings through forced labor, involuntary servitude, or sexual exploitation – is a staggering crime against humanity and requires a multi- pronged response from all sectors of society. Faculty and students at U.S. Catholic colleges and universities are among those organizations engaged and active in the fight against human trafficking, particularly as galvanizing participants in promoting awareness and inspiring engagement and action.

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Catholic Social Innovation in Today’s Global Refugee Crisis

Despite a rich history of innovation within the Catholic community, there has not been a systematic review or analysis of social innovation within the Catholic philanthropic world. Inspired by the recognition that Catholic ministries are creatively harnessing social innovation for those on the margins, and the fact that this combination of faith in action and innovation for others is not well known, Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities (FADICA) launched a three-year initiative to examine Catholic social innovation.

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Breathing New Life into Catholic Schools: An Exploration of Governance Models

This 2015 report offers a comprehensive, clearly articulated look at successful models that were in use across the country. With plain language and an intuitive matrix, the white paper details the theory and practice of the most common models and sets out their advantages and disadvantages. Examples of the models are included in the report.

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