Many Catholic nonprofit organizations and ministries hold fast to their faith by incorporating prayer into their meetings and projects. This can be a challenge for those not accustomed to praying spontaneously or aloud, and repeated prayers can become rote. Here are some prayers you can use for fundraising events, projects, donor meetings, and more.

Prayer Before a Fundraising Committee Meeting

The staff member who leads the fundraising committee at a Catholic organization often begins the meeting in prayer. A great way to start is by asking God to guide the conversation and direct your actions. One of the most well known Catholic prayers invites the Holy Spirit to do just that.

You could also open your fundraising meeting with this prayer to God the Father. Written by St. Thomas More, this prayer acknowledges the abilities that God has given you and asks that all your endeavors radiate Christ.

Prayer to Guide A Donor Meeting

Many donors to Catholic organizations are also people of faith who make prayer a priority in their lives. The experience of praying with a donor can make a significant impact, as it deepens your personal relationship with them. However you pray together during a donor meeting, be sure to offer the prayer for their intentions, and invite God into your conversation.

Prayer with a donor can also be focused on discerning God’s will, especially if, during the meeting, you will be asking them to consider a commitment to your organization. As this is a decision that should be prayerfully discerned, asking for God’s wisdom and the grace to know His will is especially appropriate.

Prayer before Making an Ask

Individual prayer can also be beneficial for fundraising professionals, especially regarding parts of the job that are most challenging—such as preparing to speak with a donor or funder to make an ask. Begin by acknowledging the blessings God has bestowed, and then, with confidence and trust, request what you need, knowing that God is the giver of all that is good.

Another helpful prayer before an important task, such as a meeting with a major donor, entrusts yourself to God, placing your good and the good of your organization into His loving hands.

Prayer before Beginning New Work or a New Project

As a team or on your own, asking for God’s help and presence in your work allows you to begin a new project with the right mindset, helping you focus on what is most important as you offer your work to God. This morning prayer from the Divine Office will center your mind and heart as you begin.

The traditional Catholic Morning Offering can also be adapted for any new project.

Prayer at the Start of the Work Day

As you begin your workday, you can invoke the intercession of St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus and patron saint of workers. This prayer humbly asks for a diligent work ethic with a steadfast focus on a deeper purpose.

Prayer of Thanksgiving for Donations and Fundraising Success

Finally, do not forget to turn to God not only in your time of need, but also when you find success. For example, you can echo the praise and gratitude of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in her Magnificat.

You can also turn to the Psalms, which so beautifully express human emotions, while always returning to thank God.

In all things—our needs, our fears, our joys, and our daily duties—let us remember to turn to God in prayer, trusting that He will guide and bless our efforts. 


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