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Resources to help you increase your fundraising capacity and further your Catholic organization’s mission.

Catholic Philanthropy

U.S. Charitable Giving in 2020

The latest Giving USA report sheds light on America’s generosity during the dark days of 2020. What does this mean for Catholic fundraisers?


Tips for Managing the Life Cycle of a Grant

The excitement of earning a grant award often brings renewed energy to nonprofit staff. After developing a winning grant proposal, it’s important to channel the team’s passion for your mission toward the coordination of the grant initiative and tracking its results.

Catholic Philanthropy

Adaptability Abounds

American religious life has undergone remarkable, complex change in the past two decades, and even more during the last year. The dramatic shifts in the patterns of religious affiliation, giving, and gathering, may be managed through adaptive models for leadership, an intentional effort to make meaning and discern purpose, and integrative approaches to navigating change.


Mission over Money: Grant Proposals for Catholic Funders

Does your “to-do” list contain the task of “writing a grant proposal?” Many who are given this responsibility agree that this task may seem exciting but daunting, especially with the pressure of acquiring vital funding for your organization. For this reason, it may help to approach this task through a different perspective.

Catholic Philanthropy

Cultivating Fruitful Relationships with Catholic Philanthropists

The benefits of cultivating relationships with grant-making organizations often extend beyond the financial support. Explore how the vineyard of charitable needs and charitable gifts weave together in the field of Catholic philanthropy.

Mission Moment

Living Laudato Si’

“LAUDATO SI’, mi’ Signore” – “Praise be to you, my Lord.” These are the words that open Pope Francis’ encyclical on ecology and care for God’s creation. Learn how organizations are recognizing the five-year anniversary of this landmark encyclical.

Catholic Philanthropy

Elevating the Role of Faith-Inspired Impact in the Social Sector

This article examines the role of faith-inspired organizations in the United States, addresses common misconceptions, and encourages funders to think differently about how faith-inspired organizations can play a part in scaling impact.