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Trust Based Philanthropy 101

Trust based philanthropy is a unique approach to giving that has emerged and gained popularity in the last decade. It is a much-debated topic among nonprofits and funders alike. This blog post gives an overview of trust based philanthropy, including its benefits, pitfalls, and criticisms, so grant seekers can embark on the journey to a new kind of relationship with funders.


What to Do About Lapsed Donors, Plus When (and How) to End a Donor Relationship

When it comes to a grantseeker’s relationship with a funder, breaking up is hard to do (and can hurt the mission). How do you win back lapsed donors, and when should you stop trying? What do you do when a donor is being difficult? Find out our top tips for navigating these sticky situations.

Using the Guide

Funders: Optimize Your Catholic Funding Guide Experience

The Catholic Funding Guide provides resources that help Catholic-inspired funders make a greater impact through their philanthropy. In this blog post, we share our top tips for funders who want to make the most of their subscription to the Guide.


Grants for Catholic Schools: How & When to Pursue Them

Fundraising for a Catholic school is challenging work. Among the difficulties is knowing when and how to look for grants, and understand how grant seeking should fit into your overall fundraising strategy. This blog post will help you determine whether it’s time to look for grants, and how to look for them successfully.

Catholic Philanthropy

Joining a Philanthropy Network: Find Community, Grow Your Impact

If you’re looking for a way to grow your impact, stay inspired in your giving, and connect with peers, you may consider joining a philanthropic network. Here are some benefits and tips for deciding which network is right for you.

Example of Catholic Social Teaching - caring for the earth by tending to plants
Catholic Philanthropy

Catholic Social Teaching & Philanthropy: An Overview for Funders

Embracing the principles of Catholic social teaching in your funding practices is a powerful way to maximize impact through your mission. This blog offers insights on where to start, whether you have a donor advised fund (DAF) or a large foundation.

What is safeguarding? Protecting the well being of every person.

What Is Safeguarding? Everything Grant Seekers Should Know

There is an ever growing need for safeguarding policies (also known as abuse prevention policies) at the organizational level—including charitable organizations and nonprofits. Based on information from FADICA’s Safeguarding Initiative, this blog post explains what safeguarding is, why you should have a policy, and how to get started.

Paper that shows a chart with the headings "Myths" and "Facts"

12 Common Grant Seeking Myths

Do you believe any of these common grant seeking myths? Find out the facts so you can tackle your next grant proposal or fundraising strategy with confidence.

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