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Should Catholic Funders Consider Unrestricted Grants for Nonprofits?

The topic of unrestricted grants, and whether funders should provide them, is a longstanding debate in the philanthropy sector. This blog post covers common issues surrounding unrestricted grants for nonprofits in the hope of sparking better communication between funders and grantees.

Focused Philanthropists considering a startup nonprofit's proposal
Catholic Philanthropy

Funding for Nonprofit Startups: Is it Worth the Risk?

Funding a nonprofit startup can be an exciting way to support a cause that matters to you. Startup teams often have fresh, innovative approaches to societal challenges, and a strong drive to carry out their proposed solutions. At the same time, supporting a startup nonprofit does carry some risk. Here are key points to consider to determine if this is a worthwhile pursuit for you and your philanthropic goals.

Using the Guide

How to Search Amplify for Optimal Results

Are you dissatisfied with the grant proposals you’ve been receiving? Would you like the opportunity to fund a project that makes a significant impact and adheres to Catholic social teaching? Instead of waiting for grantseekers to come to you, you can now search for them with Amplify. Here, we share our tips on getting the best results on the platform as you search for your next project to fund.

Fundraising professional talking with older couple about planned giving

How to Talk to Donors About Planned Giving & Legacy Gifts

To many fundraising professionals, the thought of asking for legacy gifts is daunting. After all, preparing for the end of one’s life can be a sensitive subject. Find out how to talk to donors about planned giving in a thoughtful, compassionate way, and how to incorporate legacy gifts in your overall fundraising strategy.

Catholic Philanthropy

Catholic School Funding Trends: A Creative Approach Works Best

One size never fits all when it comes to Catholic school funding. We discuss some of the many innovative ways philanthropists are funding Catholic schools today, not only to carry on the important tradition of Catholic education but to maximize impact in the overall community.

Catholic School Children

How to Find Funding for Your Catholic School

Today the challenges that come with winning funding for your Catholic school can seem insurmountable, but there are many ways to strategize and reach donors effectively.

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Catholic Philanthropy

How to Create a Culture of Giving in Your Family: Ideas for Catholic Philanthropists

Many Catholic philanthropists—whether they have a family foundation or not—have grappled with the question: how can I involve my family in philanthropy? This blog post discusses ideas on how to involve younger generations in family giving, incorporating examples from “The Next Generation of Catholic Philanthropists: Inspiration and Ideas for Engagement” from FADICA.

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Catholic Philanthropy

Where Faith & Funding Meet: Benefits of Year End Giving for Catholic Philanthropists

Tax benefits are, of course, an important consideration in philanthropic decisions. However, they are never the only relevant factor, especially for Catholic philanthropists who want to give in line with their values and make a faith-centered impact. Our guide can help point you in the right direction as you weigh year end giving options.

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Year-End Appeal Emails: A Strategy for Catholic Nonprofits

Year-end appeals can be a source of stress for Catholic nonprofits, especially those that rely on a successful appeal for the majority of their funding. Find out how you can strategically use emails in your year-end appeal to grow your reach and increase donations.