Summer 2023 Upgrades to the Catholic Funding Guide

We are excited to share some upgrades that are now active in the Catholic Funding Guide!
  1. Updated financial information 

More than 90% of our funders now have detailed financial information from as late as 2021 and some as recent as 2022.  

Information for funders comes from public records, including IRS Form 990 for grantmaking organizations. Some information is gathered through printed annual reports, websites and updates from grantmakers. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy.

This is a massive data upgrade that we have been working on for a while. This information will significantly improve subscribers’ prospect research experience.

  1. Filter funders by asset size

Previously the funder search filters included geographical focus, interest area, populations served, home diocese, and state. Now subscribers can also filter their search by asset size, which will help them identify potential matches.

  1. Safeguarding questions on Amplify

Increasingly, funders and grantee partners are collaborating to create and sustain safe environments. We have updated Amplify to reflect the growing importance of safeguarding policies and awareness. The questions you fill out now include questions around safeguarding, such as:

  • Does your organization provide direct services to children or vulnerable adults?
  • If so, does your organization have a written policy that defines appropriate boundaries and interactions between staff and vulnerable clients/beneficiaries of service, and offers a clear system of reporting for violations or concerns?
  • Does your organization require staff to participate in abuse prevention trainings/programs before interacting with children or vulnerable adults?
  • Are you interested in receiving free resources and/or expert consultation to build capacity for abuse prevention and safe environments? 
  1. Amplify bug fix

Address line 2 within an Amplify project is no longer required. You will no longer have to insert text unless your address does include a second line.

We are always looking to give our customers a great experience as we seek to connect Catholic grant seekers with Catholic funders. If you have questions or feedback, email our support team at

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