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Mission over Money: Grant Proposals for Catholic Funders

Does your “to-do” list contain the task of “writing a grant proposal?” Many who are given this responsibility agree that this task may seem exciting but daunting, especially with the pressure of acquiring vital funding for your organization. For this reason, it may help to approach this task through a different perspective.

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Cultivating Fruitful Relationships with Catholic Philanthropists

The benefits of cultivating relationships with grant-making organizations often extend beyond the financial support. Explore how the vineyard of charitable needs and charitable gifts weave together in the field of Catholic philanthropy.

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Living Laudato Si’

“LAUDATO SI’, mi’ Signore” – “Praise be to you, my Lord.” These are the words that open Pope Francis’ encyclical on ecology and care for God’s creation. Learn how organizations are recognizing the five-year anniversary of this landmark encyclical.

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Elevating the Role of Faith-Inspired Impact in the Social Sector

This article examines the role of faith-inspired organizations in the United States, addresses common misconceptions, and encourages funders to think differently about how faith-inspired organizations can play a part in scaling impact.

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Leaning into the Mysteries of our Faith

Many of our worldly concerns are difficult to understand. The Easter story of Jesus’ death and resurrection reminds us to accept the mysteries of our faith and place our trust in God.

Fundraising, Philanthropy, and a Spiritual Call to Service - Qualities to Cultivate
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Fundraising, Philanthropy, and a Spiritual Call to Service: Qualities to Cultivate

Part 5 of 5 Video Series

Join Kerry Alys Robinson as she shares reflections on philanthropy and fundraising to our Catholic Funding Guide community.

Speaking from personal experience as a development professional, Kerry takes up some of the obstacles of successful fundraising and speaks to proven maxims helpful in a faith-based context.

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The Commitment of Catholic Organizations During Crisis

Support for many Catholic ministries increased during the pandemic, but so did the demands. Learn what the latest research has revealed about the pandemic’s impact on nonprofit employment and charitable giving, and how Catholic ministries can prepare for a better future.

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Blueprints for the Common Good?

How can religious and philanthropic leaders work together toward creating a better world? This introduction to a dialogue hosted by the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving provides some provocative insights.