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Resources to help you increase your fundraising capacity and further your Catholic organization’s mission.


Grow your Network to Win Funding Faster

Fundraising and grant writing do not exist in a vacuum and cannot be done without real, personal connections. Growing your network and building these personal connections is an effective way to increase your fundraising capacity and further the mission of your organization.


A Spirituality of Fundraising: Takeaways from Henri Nouwen

As Catholics, we are called to express our faith in all that we do. Integrating faith into professional work is what initially attracts fundraising professionals to the nonprofit sector, but it can be easy to lose that initial spark.

Planning the Upcoming Year with Sticky Notes

How to Build a Fundraising Plan for the Upcoming Year

Creating a fundraising plan for your Catholic nonprofit organization is an important step towards achieving fundraising success. But it can also be a difficult task. How do you set your fundraising goals in a way that is achievable and realistic? How can you prevent burnout mid-way through the year? This guide shares how to develop an effective fundraising plan so you can get started with confidence.


Volunteers and Fundraising: A Guide for Your Catholic Organization

Volunteers are essential for the work of many Catholic nonprofit organizations. Oftentimes, though, organizations hesitate to incorporate volunteers into their fundraising strategy. How can your organization involve volunteers in your fundraising efforts in a way that benefits your organization and fulfills your volunteers?

Meeting with Smiling Donor Couple

Building Funder Relationships: A Guide for Catholic Organizations

Once your Catholic organization has initiated relationships with foundations or individual major donors, the work of cultivating those relationships begins! How can your organization maintain these relationships that can be so beneficial to both your organization and the funder?

Friendly couple shaking hands with fundraiser

How to Prepare for and Conduct Donor Meetings for Catholic Nonprofits

You’ve identified potential donors and have a solid case for support to communicate your organization’s mission, vision, and goals. You are ready to meet with them and find success fundraising. Making the “ask” is one of the most intimidating parts of fundraising. How do you prepare for this important moment?

Catholic Philanthropy

U.S. Charitable Giving in 2020

The latest Giving USA report sheds light on America’s generosity during the dark days of 2020. What does this mean for Catholic fundraisers?

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