The How-To Guide to Fundraising Success for Catholic Organizations

Whether you are new to the world of fundraising or a seasoned development professional, we’ve compiled our best tips for finding funding successfully through the Catholic Funding Guide and in all your fundraising endeavors.

1. Identify Potential Funders

How to Find the Right Funder for Your Program

The process of identifying a funder to support your Catholic program or ministry presents many challenges. The Catholic Funding Guide is a great place to start. 

Writing a Letter of Inquiry to a Catholic Foundation

2. Connect with Funders

How to Write a Letter of Inquiry to a Catholic Foundation

Are you seeking to obtain a grant from a Catholic foundation? Our step-by-step guide shows how to craft an effective letter to help you secure your grant.

3. Get the Grant

Successful Grant Writing for Catholic Organizations

Putting together a winning proposal and directing it to the appropriate funder requires good research and careful planning. Learn our best tips to complete this process with a successful outcome.

4. Implement the Grant

Tips for Managing the Life Cycle of a Grant

The excitement of earning a grant award often brings renewed energy to nonprofit staff. After developing a winning grant proposal, it’s important to channel the team’s passion for your mission toward the coordination of the grant initiative and tracking its results.

Team Member High Fiving in front of a Laptop

5. Tell your Story to Donors

How to Write a Case for Support for a Catholic Nonprofit

Does your Catholic organization need a case for support? If so, how should you start this process? Learn how to write a case statement to optimize your fundraising efforts.

Friendly couple shaking hands with fundraiser

6. Connect with Donors

How to Prepare for and Conduct Donor Meetings for Catholic Nonprofits

Seeking to grow your major donor program? Our how-to guide explains how to hold effective fundraising meetings with prospective donors.

Meeting with Smiling Donor Couple

7. Strengthen Relationships

Building Funder Relationships: A Guide for Catholic Organizations

Once your Catholic organization has initiated relationships with foundations or individual major donors, the work of cultivating those relationships begins! How can your organization maintain these relationships that can be so beneficial to both your organization and the funder?

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