Fundraising, Philanthropy, and a Spiritual Call to Service: Development: Relationships, Generosity, Ministry

Part 4 of 5 Video Series
Join Kerry Alys Robinson as she shares reflections on philanthropy and fundraising to our Catholic Funding Guide community.
Speaking from personal experience as a development professional, Kerry takes up some of the obstacles of successful fundraising and speaks to proven maxims helpful in a faith-based context.

Part 4 of 5: Development: Relationships, Generosity, Ministry

Fundraisers play an enormous role in bringing potential to fruition. Fundraising, when done well, has the power to transform organizations and fulfill mission. It is a noble profession and vocation, and is a vitally important service.

Full Series

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Obstacles to Development

Part 3: Orientation of the Heart (Maxims for Successful Fundraising)

Part 5: Qualities to Cultivate

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