Frequently Asked Questions

The Catholic Funding Guide is a unique tool designed to connect Catholic organizations with funders that align with their mission. Learn more about who we are and how we can help you succeed in your fundraising goals.

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The 2,200+ funders in our database have a history of supporting a wide variety of causes, from social services to education to evangelization and beyond. We regularly add new funders, continuing to expand the connections available to our subscribers. There is a very good chance that our list includes funders who support your cause.

While previous grant making is often a good indicator of a grantmaker’s future funding decisions, each and every grantmaker is unique. Each funder follows their own process and timeline for issuing grants, so please be aware that it may take some time before a funder decides whether or not to move forward with your project. Patience and persistence in cultivating relationships along with using the Guide to narrow down your search gives you a great chance of achieving funding.  

No, we do not. The modest cost of the Guide is used exclusively for maintaining and improving our database. As a result, no additional funding is available to support Catholic organizations financially.

We recognize the challenge for organizations outside the US to find funding and are proud to include funders in our database who do have a history of funding international projects. Over 80% of our funders, however, do not have a history of giving outside the US.  We continue to grow our database with the goal of providing more connections to organizations seeking funding.

We obtain our information from a variety of sources, most notably IRS 990 filings. We also have direct relationships with funders who provide their information directly to the Catholic Funding Guide. Many of the funders in the Guide do not have websites, and some are difficult to find through public sources such as Form 990s.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide free access to The Catholic Funding Guide. As an initiative of a nonprofit organization designed to connect Catholic organizations with funders that align with their mission, the Catholic Funding Guide keeps the cost as low as possible to make it as affordable as possible for Catholic organizations. The majority of our subscribers are able to secure one or more grants using our database, which more than covers the initial investment.