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How to Prepare for and Conduct Donor Meetings for Catholic Nonprofits

You’ve identified potential donors and have a solid case for support to communicate your organization’s mission, vision, and goals. You are ready to meet with them and find success fundraising. Making the “ask” is one of the most intimidating parts of fundraising. How do you prepare for this important moment?

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Tips for Managing the Life Cycle of a Grant

The excitement of earning a grant award often brings renewed energy to nonprofit staff. After developing a winning grant proposal, it’s important to channel the team’s passion for your mission toward the coordination of the grant initiative and tracking its results.

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Mission over Money: Grant Proposals for Catholic Funders

Does your “to-do” list contain the task of “writing a grant proposal?” Many who are given this responsibility agree that this task may seem exciting but daunting, especially with the pressure of acquiring vital funding for your organization. For this reason, it may help to approach this task through a different perspective.

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Fundraising, Philanthropy, and a Spiritual Call to Service - Introduction

Fundraising, Philanthropy, and a Spiritual Call to Service: Introduction

Part 1 of 5 Video Series

Join Kerry Alys Robinson as she shares reflections on philanthropy and fundraising to our Catholic Funding Guide community.

Speaking from personal experience as a development professional, Kerry takes up some of the obstacles of successful fundraising and speaks to proven maxims helpful in a faith-based context.

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