About the Guide

The Catholic Funding Guide Online is a subscription resource providing essential information on grantmakers that have demonstrated a consistent pattern of interest in Catholic sponsored projects and institutions. The Catholic Funding Guide Online meets a growing number of requests to make available on the internet the database of the trusted publication, The Catholic Funding Guide, first published in 1998 and updated and republished in five subsequent editions.

The Catholic Funding Guide is carefully researched, edited and published by Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities, a network of private funders, in an effort to assist the grantseeking public. Over the years FADICA has come to believe that many nonprofit organizations and good causes need as much information as possible to insure that their grantseeking appeals are prepared and targeted appropriately. Effective proposals are always the result of good research. To insure the fastest and latest information available for the grantseeking organizations of a Catholic sponsorship, The Catholic Funding Guide Online provides essential data and contact information on over one thousand funding sources. The information is based on the U.S. federal tax form 990, grantmaker annual reports, web information, and other communications.

The Catholic Funding Guide Online provides updates four times a year. Every effort is made to make the research experience easy to use.

The CFG Online is always eager to improve the quality and accuracy of its work and welcomes suggestions from its subscribers.